3 Apps That You Should Never Download, According To Tech Experts (They Slow Your iPhone!!)

Let’s talk about applications.

They make your phone what it is, of course. But, in some cases, they can be so busy, with a dizzying amount of features, that they also lock up your device and make it run slower and less efficient. The question really is: which apps are worth your time and your phone’s storage space, and which ones should you consider removing for the sake of a better-performing phone? The answer will differ from user to user, but generally speaking, there are some apps that rank at the top of the list when techies are asked about the best apps to remove. Here are three apps that you should never download, according to tech experts (because they slow down your iPhone).


There’s really no getting around it – if you’re interested in making changes to your iPhone to update it and help it work better, most tech experts will recommend that you get rid of the Facebook app first. “This app is known to consume a lot of battery and slow down older iPhones,” says tech expert Aidan Bernard of The Big Phone Store. “If you’re having trouble with your Facebook app, delete it and try using the website instead.”

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delete 3 apps


Battery saving apps

This one is surprising – but battery saver apps may seem like they’re there to help your phone perform even better, yet they can be the main cause of battery drain.

“These apps promise to speed up your phone by optimizing its settings,” says Bernard. “However, many of them actually do more harm than good by disabling features like Wi-Fi and updating apps in the background. They may give you a few more minutes of battery life, but at the cost of making your phone run much slower. “


Like Facebook, Snapchat is a social media distraction that delights many due to its bells and whistles, which is exactly why it is also battery drain.

“Snapchat is known for its data intensive use and processing power using its location, camera and more,” says Bernard. “So it’s best to steer clear if you’re not a big Snapchat user.”

If you’re having trouble with your iPhone and you can’t deal with the lag anymore, try removing these three apps first to see if it makes a big difference to your smartphone experience.


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