5 best Minecraft building mods that are free to download

There are tons of mods that completely change the Minecraft game. Building is a huge part of the game, so it makes perfect sense for players who have access to it to look for building mods. They can modify blocks to make them look more realistic, whimsical, or fun.

There are several building modifications that are totally free. Here are the top five Minecraft players should consider. Please note that this is a Java Edition exclusive feature and is not available in Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft mods that make building much better

5) Carpenter’s blocks

This mod allows players to add different textures to their blocks as they go. If they are building with a certain mismatched block, Minecraft players can simply change the texture to fit. This makes building so much easier and more fun.

#Minecraft Willow Wood Logs, Lime Planks, Carpenters Block Jungle Wood Roof. Not as ugly as I thought it would be. http://t.co/3JcMoXELfS

4) Instant build

This mod removes the construction time aspect. Most Minecraft players don’t love the amount of time it takes to build things, so this mod helps with that. They can use blocks to instantly construct buildings and create an entire village in seconds. It doesn’t allow for a lot of creativity, but it makes the process a lot quicker.

3) Modern arch

The ModernArch mod changes the look of all items and makes them look much more modern. It’s a great mod to spice up a build and make it look a lot more realistic. Minecraft isn’t meant to look natural, but it’s fun when it does.

Minecraft + Sildurs Shader + MOdernARCH Sourcepack https://t.co/b29CYJ6dt6

2) Minecraft paint mod

This mod allows a lot of creativity. Colors in Minecraft are a bit basic, so this mod helps players go further. It will allow players to repaint any block they want with a variety of colors, making Minecraft a brighter and more fun game.

1) MrCrayFish Furniture Mod

Building with Minecraft often leaves things looking unrealistic. This is especially true for whatever item players are using for furniture. This mod makes the elements of the game look much more realistic, which makes building much more fun.

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Which of these mods is the best for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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