5 essential apps to download to your new iPhone or iPad

The app store has millions of apps;  Here are a few to get you started (Apple)

The app store has millions of apps; Here are a few to get you started (Apple)

Christmas is here and if you’ve found a shiny new iPhone or iPad under your tree, you’ll want the best apps to make the most of it.

The app store has millions of apps on every topic imaginable, but there are a few that should easily be on your install list.

The usuals are a given – we hope it will automatically download the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Maybe even TikTok.

But what about a quality, addictive game, a great video editing app, or a helpful exercise guide?

These are some of our favorites that you can start with this Christmas.


Downcast is a full-featured podcast app for iPhone and Apple Watch (Apple)

Downcast is a full-featured podcast app for iPhone and Apple Watch (Apple)

Apple’s own podcasting app has gone through some revisions recently with limited success. If you are a dedicated podcast listener, you will find everything you need with Downcast.

It’s intuitive and allows you to subscribe and download audio and video podcasts of any size. The interface is far superior to Apple’s and there are plenty of smart download options and smart features.

For example, you can customize when and where you search for new episodes thanks to geo-fencing. And there is the option to create custom playlists so you can organize your shows into different categories. Practical.

£ 2.49, download here.


LumaFusion is best used on a large screen iPad (Apple)

LumaFusion is best used on a large screen iPad (Apple)

LumaFusion is hands down the best video editing app on the App Store. In fact, Apple awarded it the iPad App of the Year award for 2021.

Although you can use it on an iPhone, it is recommended for the larger screen of the iPad. And although it was launched in 2017, it has been getting better and better.

LumaFusion makes complex editing tasks easy with a versatile multi-track editor that promotes six tracks for your video, graphics, and audio and six more for additional effects like music or voice-overs.

There are tons of additional tools for adjusting all aspects of the video and it supports images like HDR and 4K.

While it may seem expensive, the advantage is that LumaFusion only charges a one-time fee, unlike Adobe’s more popular Premiere video editor.

£ 25.99, download here.


Cyclemeter app

Planning to get on a bike in the near future? This will help (Apple)

We know that Christmas is not exactly the best time of year to go cycling. But if getting in shape is one of your resolutions for 2022, there are worse ways to do it than going out for a walk.

Cyclemeter turns your iPhone into a fully functional bike computer capable of measuring distances, split times, intervals, laps, as well as speed and calories burned. In fact, it tracks more than 250 different statistics.

The app is free to download, but to unlock all the additional features, you’ll need to pay £ 9.99 for the Elite package. It runs on the Apple Watch too, so you don’t need to take your iPhone with you when you hit the road.

Free, download it here.


Coinbase is an excellent option to start with cryptocurrencies (Coinbase)

Coinbase is an excellent option to start with cryptocurrencies (Coinbase)

For better or for worse, the cryptocurrency seems to be here to stay.

If you want to get involved with the wild world of cryptocurrencies, you will need a digital wallet to buy and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Coinbase is one of the best designed and easiest to use. It uses the iPhone’s FaceID system to instantly unlock and gives you an at-a-glance view of your crypto portfolio.

You can view current rates and set price trigger alerts to keep you informed. You can link your bank account and make transactions directly from the application. Just remember to be careful before spending your life savings on Shiba Inu.

Free, download it here.


Moncage screenshot

Moncage: one of the best mobile games of the year (photo: Optillusion Games)

All of Moncage takes place through the five visible faces of a cube, which you rotate to look inside the perfectly rendered 3D dioramas visible through each of its planes.

Tap to zoom in or out, your goal is to find items from different faces to line up, in the style of the 2017 classic, Gorogoa.

Moncage prides itself on playing with scale, perspective, and the interactions between background and foreground objects, the precise angle of the cube allows you to align seemingly disparate props from different sides.

It’s a slow, meticulous, and enormously satisfying game process.

£ 3.49, download here.

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