A Facebook Post Claims to Show a Leaked Photo of Whataburger’s New Limited Spicy Ketchup

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Whataburger social accounts have spent over a week taunting fans about something new coming up. Tweets began to rise several days before Christmas from Whataburger’s official Twitter account. Now, an unofficial Whataburger fan group post on Facebook claims to have leaked the secret to everyone saying, “The wait is over !!!”

There was a lot of speculation on Twitter as to what the new menu item Whataburger was kidding might be, we even guessed it might be a Chicago-style deep dish pizza (in joke, of course).

But now a post on the “Whataburger Fanatics” Facebook group, which is not owned or operated by Whataburger, claims to show a photo of the new article. If the photo is real and the claim is true, it is a new limited edition spicy ketchup called “Spicy Ketchup Limited Batch # 2 With Hot Sauce”. Essentially what looks like a mix of hot sauce and Whataburger’s fancy ketchup.

facebook group screenshot whataburger spicy ketchup photo leaked
A Facebook Group post in the “Whataburger Fanatics” group that claims to showcase the Texas-based restaurant chain’s newest dipping sauce.

It is not known if this photo posted by user Pete Perez is real, as Whataburger has yet to make its official announcement and at least one member of the group thought it looked suspicious.

We wish we could tell you that we trust the person who posted this, but our researchers couldn’t find any connection between the Facebook user and Whataburger, other than being a member of the group that has posted seemingly real photos in the past.

There also seem to be Photoshopping indicators. Looking at the photo you can see that there are two dip sauce packets on top with shiny surfaces reflecting a lot of incandescent light from the ceiling, the white top should probably show some signs of light too, but there is no reflection in the supposedly a packet of ketchup leaking and it looks flat and lackluster.

We tried techniques like reverse image search across various engines, but couldn’t find a match for all or part of the photo (assuming the bottom ketchup was added / edited).

What do you think. Is this a legitimate leak?

Featured photo from Whataburger Twitter account

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