A Secret ‘Halo Infinite’ Mid-Credits Ending Has Leaked

Given Halo Infinite’s somewhat … unstable production, there’s a lot of stuff buried in the game’s files that didn’t make it to the final cut. But some things are more important than others and now, YouTuber GameCheat13 has pulled a full final teaser scene.

The teaser, seen below, shows The Pilot receiving a message through his headphones:

Audio says “USNC Tag Detected, Designation: Friend”.

This was supposed to air as a mid-credits scene after the campaign before it was cut, and would join the end-credits scene (spoilers) that apparently has Atriox casting The Endless on Zeta Halo after traveling on. the time (?) past.

Watching this clip has Halo players in a frenzy over who the USNC label “friendly” might be, given that Halo Infinite has been a pretty lonely experience. The only friendly characters are The Gun and the Pilot, and the variety of marines the Chief rescues scattered across the landscape.

The main idea is that this could be the Spirit of Fire, a ship with a long history in Halo lore (there is some valuable information from a book that you can read here), although there is a lot of guesswork ranging from Lasky, Blue Team or even the Arbiter who has somehow gotten a USNC label or is aboard one of their ships.

However, since this scene isn’t actually in-game, it probably shouldn’t be considered canon, and whoever this is, it may not be fulfilled. I mean, they had to have cut it for a reason, after all, so maybe they wanted to go in a different direction.

Still, it’s great to see the same and imagine the possibilities. Yesterday, I wrote about how a possibility for a future season could involve the return of Flood in a PvE horde mode that has had datamined voice lines attached, joining what could be a Flood-themed season. Flood-infected USNC ship crashes into Zeta Halo, maybe? Who knows, but that sounds like a pretty good development to me.

As of yet, 343 hasn’t given any indication of when or even how the Halo Infinite storyline will continue, but the general consensus is that we probably won’t be waiting 4-6 years for another full sequel. The story content combined with each multiplayer season seems unlikely, but smaller and more frequent story expansions seem to be the play in the future as Halo competes in the world of live services. The game itself pokes fun at Endless. Datamining is provoking the Flood and a friendly ship from USNC joining the fight. We’ll have to see what actually happens and when 343 will start talking about the content of the story in the new year here.

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