Android 12’s Play as you download will allow users to play games while downloading

At their Game Developer Summit on Monday, Google has announced a new Android 12 feature that will make life easier for mobile games.
Google has called the feature ‘Play while you download’ and it is designed to reduce the wait time for players to play.
With this feature, players will be able to start playing while it is still downloading.
In the keynote speech, the company has also demonstrated the feature where the Play button is activated as soon as the user presses the Install button on the Google play store. Assets will be downloaded intelligently in the background.
Google has also confirmed that the Play as you download feature works on the Play Asset Delivery system. Also use the same Android App Bundle that Google used to offer users the Google Play Instant feature.
Apart from this, the company has announced a new Android game board 12. The new panel will give users access to some tools like screenshot, screen recording and more.


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