Android 13 “Tiramisu” First Look and Upcoming Features Leaked

Google, a couple of months ago officially announced the Android 12 and Android 12L versions. Android 12 brings a major update to the user experience with many new features and a complete design overhaul. While Android 12 hasn’t started rolling out for most devices, Android 13 leaks have already started to appear.

A report by XDA Developers reveals some new features that users will be able to see in Android 13. The code name for Android 13 is ‘Tiramisu’. The report adds some screenshots of the new features in the Android 13 build. While the release of Android 13 is too far behind, here’s what we’ll see in Android 13.

New Android 13 Features Revealed

Android 13’s launch is still a long way off, but some of its new features have already been leaked. Android 13’s codename “Tiramisu” had previously been leaked. Here are the new features with Android 13 screenshots.

Application languages

It appears that Google is working on a feature codenamed ‘Panlingual’ that will allow users to set a specific language to use in the app. For example, a user will be able to set the Chromium language for Deutsch while English for other applications and the system user interface. The feature will be useful for multilingual users who may prefer different languages ​​for different applications. The feature will be displayed as ‘App Language’ which will be available in the ‘Languages ​​& Input’ settings, but users will be able to access it from the ‘App Information’ screen. Android 13 will allow you to configure different languages ​​for different applications.

Notifications runtime permissions

Android apps might get runtime permission on Android 13. Like camera and location services, notifications will become a subscription feature, meaning users will be able to change notifications permissions at the next Android version. Google could incorporate this feature in an effort to reduce the continuous push notifications sent by apps. It can be annoying most of the time. Below are screenshots of the function.

New lock screen design

Android 12 added a new effect where the clock on the lock screen changes from a double-line design to a single-line one when notifications arrive. But users have been asking Google to keep the single-line layout, even the ID notifications are there. Google could bring this change to Android 13. According to the leaked report, Google will bring a visual change to the lock screen. The new settings will allow users to keep the single-line layout even if notifications arrive.

Android’s Resource Economy (TARE)

Users were able to see a new power management feature called TARE in Android 13. TARE stands for The Android Resource Economy which focuses on managing power usage, with the feature working through the AlarmManager and JobScheduler policies. TARE will award applications “Android Resource Credits” based on device battery level and other factors. These applications can use these credits to perform tasks.

It would be interesting to see the new features in Android 13, but users will have to wait to see Android 13 as Android 12 is currently rolling out for all smartphones globally. You can check out the Android 12 release schedule here. Please note that these features are currently in the build stage and may not make it to the first developer preview.

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