Android 13 Tiramisu screenshots leaked, reveal big changes coming to Android

Android 12 is yet to be seen on most smartphones, however, we may already have our first look at its next version. Android 13, which is expected to be called Android Tiramisu, will likely enter its first round of developer testing in February next year, if Google follows its annual timeline. Before that, a new report hints at some of the new features we can expect to see in it.

The report comes from XDA Developers, who has managed to get some screenshots of Android 13 from a source “with access to a very early version of Android 13.” The screenshots show a total of four new features in the next version of Android, including one that means optimizing the performance of the smartphone through the operating system. Here’s a look at these features in detail.

No more annoying notifications

Android 13 may allow you to take a breather from the flood of app notifications on your phone. One of the screenshots shows a new option to control app notifications on Android 13. The option appears below the permission manager, found within the phone’s privacy settings. The category also allows you to manage microphone location and access, as well as media file access to applications.

This also means that we might see a pop-up for each app in Android 13 asking if you want to receive notifications from it or not. It will be very similar to the way applications currently ask you for “storage access” or other similar permissions when they are used for the first time.

Separate languages ​​in the app

Every day more multilingual users are joining the Android ecosystem and, with this, Google has recognized the need to give more language options to its users. With Android 13, people can choose the language of their choice for each of the apps individually.

For this, Google seems to have added a new category for “App Language” in the system settings. The application language shows all the languages ​​supported by a particular application. Users can then choose to run these applications in the language of their choice. This means that you can run your Facebook app in Hindi, while the rest of your phone is still running in English.

New lock screen design

With Android 13, users will be able to toggle the clock design on the lock screen. From now on, the clock is displayed in the center of the lock screen, but it changes to the top when a notification arrives. Once the notifications are cleared, the clock takes center stage again.

In Android 13, users will have the option to permanently keep the clock at the top of the screen in a single line layout. Since users have been requesting the feature, we might see that the Android 12L is designed for foldable smartphones, even earlier than the Android 13.

TARA: Android’s resource economy

In addition to the direct features that users can choose to enable or disable, Android 13 may come with a system-level optimization of the management of power usage on the phone. This feature is expected to be part of “TARE,” an upcoming feature from Google that stands for “Android’s Resource Economy.”

The function works in AlarmManager and JobScheduler, and will probably put some restrictions on its use for applications. These restrictions will be based on the battery level and the needs of the application.

We will learn more about these and other features in the future, as more and more versions of Android 13 are released.

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