Android users alert! Some Google Play Store apps are getting downloaded without consent

Some Android apps are reportedly downloaded to smartphones without user consent. A Reddit thread has spotted numerous users who have faced a similar problem. One such Android app in question has also been found on the Google Play Store. Considering that the app is still listed on the Play Store, other malicious actors can also bypass the store’s security prerequisites.

The application that still appears in the Google Play Store and causes the automatic download is “Weather Home-Live Radar Alerts & Widget”. The thread also shows some screenshots of the ad that led to the download. Despite the user wanting to unsubscribe, the application downloaded in the background.

Reviews of the app on the Google Play Store also highlight this issue and some users even claim that if the so-called weather app is selected by default, it changes the entire home screen outlay.

One of the reviews read: “WARNING: This app is downloaded without permission. I had a popup to add in a game, I clicked on it and it started downloading. It does this every time an ad appears, even if you cancel the ad. This is a HUGE red flag. I wish I could block the app. “

The developers responded to the complaint saying they are investigating the matter.

Another review said: “Installs only when trying to close an ad. I didn’t want this app, they sent it to me like I’m roofed and unsure of what just happened. 1 star “.

According to the Reddit post, some ad providers claimed that this technology is from DSP Digital Turbine, which has found a way to avoid Google Play interaction in the process of installing an app.

To stay safe, Android users are advised to read the reviews carefully before downloading an app. This will also help users to make sure that it is not fake and also give them an idea of ​​how good or bad the app is. In this specific case, however, users never had a chance to analyze the pros and cons of the app.

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