Apex Legends Bangalore Season 11 event leaked: Dates, skins, Stories from the Outlands & more

New Apex Legends leaks have revealed that a Bangalore-themed event is coming to the battle royale soon, complete with skins, packs, and a Stories from the Outlands video.

Veteran Apex Legends players will be well used to Respawn’s affinity for frequent events, limited-time modes, and new skins to change the game’s formula.

The Outlands stories have also become commonplace for events and legends, short animated features that seek to provide background and lore to the game’s characters, making players drawn to their difficulties.

We’ve seen Stories from the Outlands for many legends, and only Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Octane, and Bangalore aren’t featured in theirs yet. The latter could be on the verge of being removed from that list if recent leaks are to be believed.

apex legends of bangalore
Respawn Entertainment

Bangalore is a base legend in Apex, and has been a part of the game since its launch in 2019.

Apex Legends Bangalore event dates

The leaks of a Bangalore-themed event come from the loft of big-name leakers and KralRindo. While it does not guarantee the accuracy of this information, in the past, aspects of Apex Legends were successfully leaked, including the new Storm Point map and different cosmetics.

According to Garret’s December 11 YouTube video on the subject, the Bangalore event will hit Apex in January 2022.

While exact dates cannot be confirmed, fans should look forward to it at very early january.

Apex Legends Bangalore event content

The full list of content for the upcoming event is unconfirmed, but Garret indicated that it would generally follow the same formula as past events.

The Stories from the Outlands will focus on Banaglore’s past, including how he acquired his relic from a pilot. We should also find out more about the fate of Jackson, who tragically fell from the Bangalore ship in the widely known image.

Respawn Entertainment

Jackson’s fate could be explained in upcoming Stories from the Outlands.

There will be new skins and a holographic spray for Bangalore, which will be released as part of a bundle (which means they could cost Apex players a bit more).

In short, fans from Bangalore (and Apex) can start to get excited about the event. While it remains unconfirmed until Respawn expresses something official about it, its presence in the game files means we can safely bet on seeing it at some point.

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