‘Apex Legends’ Season 12 release date, trailer, character, leaks, and heirlooms

Apex legends Season 12 is expected to begin in early February, which means the leaks about the next battle pass are slowly starting to come in. In the spirit of letting all of our Legends Fans know all about the upcoming season, here’s the latest on Season 12’s release date, potential updates, and most importantly, its featured character.

When is the Apex legends Season 12 start date and time?

According to the countdown visible on the Season 11 Battle Pass screen, the Season 11 Battle Pass will expire on February 8, 2022. Obviously, this date can change and the countdown can be easily adjusted, but this seems to be the season 12 start date that Apex legendsThe developers at Respawn Entertainment have made up their minds for now.

The Season 11 Battle Pass will expire on February 8.Respawn Entertainment / EA

As for the precise timing, we expect the update to go live around 1PM ET on February 8, given that the most recent seasons have debuted around this time. While the season 12 date may fluctuate, we suspect this time is fairly fixed.

There’s a Apex legends Season 12 trailer?

Not yet, but as long as the aforementioned Season 12 date is met, we can offer a solid estimate of when those teasers might be dropping. For now, here’s a tentative preview schedule for all those sweet Season 12 freebies you’re looking for.

  • Outlands Story Trailer Stories – January 24
  • Launch Trailer: January 27
  • Game Trailer: January 31
  • Battle Pass Trailer: February 7

Who is the new legend and character of Apex legends Season 12?

While the leaks have yet to fully confirm the new legend that will debut in season 12, we personally feel that there are two huge possibilities for inclusion: Apex Games creator Kuben Blisk and Fuse’s former partner in crime Maggie Kōhere.

Blisk’s leadership skills in Apex legends

When it comes to Blisk, it’s a well-known secret that Respawn has been working hard to perfect this ancient Titanfall character for possible inclusion in Appendix. Leaks since March of this year they show clear interpretations of their supposed abilities. And, matching his lineage, Blisk will be able to drop a Titan on the map for a limited time.

  • Pilot kit [Passive]: Blisk can hack Survey Beacons with his Data Knife. Blisk can also run down the wall.
  • My ring, my rules [Tactical]: Blisk creates a damage zone boosted by The Arena’s Ring.
  • Wait for Titanfall [Ultimate]: Blisk summons a Titan car to suppress an area.

While game development conditions can change at any time, we find it unlikely that a character could get so deep into the pipeline only to never be used. Usually when a Legend unfolds like this, it makes its way into a future battle pass at some point.

Mad Maggie mad enough to enter the Apex Games?Respawn Entertainment / EA

Mad Maggie is the second character to follow in season 12, but her story is a bit more speculative. In September, data miners SWL and Garret both found evidence of character strings linked to an unknown character named Maali. They have some kind of damage increase associated with a skill. The similarity between the names Maali and Maggie is close enough for fans to speak out.

The leaks are likely to be completed as the season 12 start date approaches, but right now these are the two characters worth paying attention to the most. After all, both Blisk and Maggie follow Respawn’s recent convention of introducing new characters with strong connections to existing ones. While Blisk and Ash once worked together in their most militant days, Fuse and Maggie are now sworn enemies. Respawn has been slowly building the ties and drama on its core roster, and these two faces definitely fit the bill.

Is there any other Apex legends Season 12 leaks?

Not really. This is mainly because, with season 11 still several weeks left, it is still difficult to know what unreleased content could be used for the season 11 battle pass or potentially saved for the next one.

A first look at Crypto’s potential relic.

With that said, we do have a little detail regarding the relics. On December 5th Apex legends YouTuber Thordan Smash leaked a first look at the Crypto relic. The weapon is identified as a neon green Jikdo blade that unfolds when ready for action. With Wattson’s Heirloom tied to the December Raiders Collection Event and more possible Heirloom sales at Apex legends‘anniversary date of February 4, this collectible is supposed to possibly debut sometime during season 12.

In the images, Thordan is also quick to point out evidence of a previously unreleased energy pistol and Maelstrom LMG. One of these weapons may also appear in the Season 12 Battle Pass.

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