Apple’s 2022 lineup leaked: From iPhone SE 5G to mixed reality headset, everything to expect

As 2021 draws to a close, Apple’s wave of releases this year is likely to end as well. But that’s a precursor to what we can expect from Apple next year and whether or not the company will make us happy. A new report aims to offer a preview of everything Apple is likely to release next year, and the list includes some interesting additions to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac lines that have previously been leaked as well.

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his latest edition of the Power On newsletter, has corroborated pretty much everything that previous leaks have covered. That includes a redesigned iPad Pro in the next model slated to arrive in 2022, a redesigned MacBook Air with more ports likely, an entry-level MacBook Pro, a new Mac Pro, an updated Mac mini, and a higher-end iMac. with apple silicone. Last but not least, Gurman is confident that Apple can introduce the next iPhone SE model with 5G next year.

But the lineup for 2022 may not end here. Here’s the list of everything Gurman has predicted to come next year:

  • An iPad Pro with a new design and wireless charging
  • An iPad Air with improvements
  • An entry-level iPad
  • An upgraded high-end iMac with Apple Silicon
  • An iPhone SE with 5G
  • New AirPods Pro
  • An upgraded MacBook Air with the biggest design overhaul and the Apple M2 chipset
  • A new Mac mini
  • An entry-level MacBook Pro
  • A Mac Pro enhanced with Apple Silicon.
  • The iPhone 14 series.
  • Three Apple Watches, including a new Apple Watch SE model, an updated vanilla model, and a ruggedized model for extreme sports athletes.
  • Apple’s first mixed virtual and augmented reality headset

Apple’s portfolio of projects for 2022 seems more complete than ever and includes some notable products, such as the iPhone SE 5G. The last two vintages of Apple’s flagship iPhone have supported 5G, and since the SE versions always use the processor from the recent flagship, next year’s model may positively come with 5G support. The iPhone SE is important to Apple, as it is sold more in countries like India.

Among the anticipated products is the Apple AirPods Pro. Earlier this year, Apple released the third-generation AirPods with a design similar to the AirPods Pro but without any premium features. That leaves the place for premium wireless earbuds empty, only to be filled next year with an upgraded version of the AirPods Pro. Rumors have suggested that the next AirPods Pro model will have health-focused features as well as better. active noise cancellation.

I’m not sure whether or not Apple will release everything that Gurman has predicted, but regardless, next year will be a busy one for the iPhone maker. And rather than adding additions to its existing lines, Apple will try to focus on introducing new products that have reportedly been in development for so many years. One of them is the mixed reality headset, which will pave the way for Apple glasses one day. For what it’s worth, the pipeline looks exciting and we can only hope Apple sticks to it.

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