Arceus’ Leaked Hisuian Starters Are A Great Idea

All Gen 4 starters are garbage. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I have chosen more entrees than hot dinners, so I am qualified to pass judgment on this issue. That’s why I’m glad we’re not limiting ourselves to Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup when it comes to Pokémon Legends: Arceus and instead we’ll get a chance to use the best launcher ever designed: Cyndaquil. But to spice things up, it looks like we’re getting Hispanic forms for their final evolutions, and I’m totally here for it.

Don’t get me wrong, Decidueye, Samurott, and Typhlosion have great designs. Okay, Decidueye and Typhlosion have great designs, but you get my point: they were good the way they were. But being well is not exciting.


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New regional variants of Pokémon were introduced in Sun & Moon, expanded in Sword & Shield, and confirmed to return in Legends: Arceus. They are Game Freak’s version of divergent evolution and speciation, meaning the same species of animals evolve differently based on their environments. If you still don’t get it, Charles Darwin wrote a good book about it back in the day. There was a lot about the finches.

However, how does this affect the headlines? Explain in terms of tradition why They will have new forms in their final evolutions, but despite all their merits, Darwin fails to explain why Hisuian Typhlosion and company. they are a good thing.

First, the new forms of the old Pokémon allow designers to have fun with classic monsters. Galarian Zigzagoon and his new evolution Obstagoon paid homage to the British punk rock past, the Pacific Island climate helped Alolan Exeggutor grow like a palm tree, and Hisuian Zorua is the ghost of Unovan creatures who did not adapt during a great migration. to snowier climates. The new shapes help tell the story of the world you inhabit more than any other monster through their divergences from their original lines. Why does Galarian Corsola bleach and die? Because the Galar region is being polluted, President Rose is looking for alternative energy sources. Why is Alolan Raichu sailing on his tail? Because that is the culture of the people of Alola Island. Why is Hisuian Samurott a dark guy? Only time will tell.

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The new forms not only tell the story of a Pokémon and build the world, but also add exciting new experiences for players. Many will enter the game with no idea what will come next, and will be completely shocked when their Quilava gets the ghostwriting when it evolves. Others will build their parties around a Grass- and Fighting-type Decidueye. A Samurott redesign may also win over Oshawott some new fans, or new players may think he always had the dark type when he evolved.

These Hispanic forms will help bring something new to beginners, a new version of three Pokémon that we thought we knew. I ditched my Piplup on Brilliant Diamond for a better Pokémon, but I will keep Cyndaquil by my side the entire journey through Arceus. Heck, I’d even keep a Chimchar or Turtwig by my side if I knew they were going to evolve differently, and that’s saying something.

Regardless of what the likes of Cyrus or Cynthia would have you believe, Pokémon are the main characters in any Pokémon game. They are who you travel with and who you bond with, and having by your side a Hispanic form that defies expectations and that builds the world will be one of the joys of Legends: Arceus.

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