Armie Hammer spotted for the first time with family since cannibalism, sex chats leak, Entertainment News

Armie Hammer came to light for the first time since several women allegedly revealed their rape and cannibalism fantasies. In therapy for the past nine months at a rehab facility, the Hollywood actor was seen spending Christmas Eve with his children by the pool in the Cayman Islands. His estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, was not present with them.

Armie Hammer has been battling drugs, alcohol, and sex addiction.

The actor has since left the treatment center and, as his attorney puts it, is “doing great” as he prepares to spend quality time with his children.

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Armie Hammer was disgraced after several women accused him of assault and sexual abuse and leaked her private conversations with him. There is currently a rape investigation ongoing since March 2021. Armie Hammer has not been shown to have sent the controversial messages and no legal action was taken.

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At the time, the actor called these messages of cannibalism, assault and violence, a “vicious and spurious attack.”

It is not currently part of any film project. He came out of various projects courtesy of the controversy.

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