ASUS B660 And H610 Motherboard Models And Pricing Tipped In Retail Leak

New ASUS motherboards leaked ahead of Alder Lake announcement

Intel’s Alder Lake CPU announcement is expected in less than a week, but some of the accompanying motherboard prices and specs have been leaked early. The leaks come from a computer components supplier in Ecuador and include various ASUS motherboards.

TecnoMega Store has three models listed, all basic in features. The leaked products include ASUS Prime B660M-A WIFI D4, Prime B660M-A D4, and Prime H610M-E D4. The price of these motherboards ranges from $ 121.11 to $ 191.11, which includes 12% of the nation’s VAT. Electronics in Ecuador tend to be more expensive, but the features offered at those prices still seem somewhat limited.

ASUS Prime H610M-E motherboard

First, there’s the ASUS Prime H610M-E, which is trading at $ 121.11. This motherboard only appears to be PCIe 4 compliant and includes two sockets for DDR4 RAM. There is also only one PCIe 4 x16 slot on the board, along with two M.2 slots. It is unclear whether those slots are PCIe 3 or 4 compliant. The motherboard offers four SATA ports, two rear USB 3.0 ports, and a front panel header for two more USB 3.0 ports. It also includes DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA outputs.

ASUS Prime B660M-A motherboard

Prime B660M-A motherboards are a bit better equipped, but not much. For $ 165.56, you can get a model that lacks WiFi. With built-in WiFi, you’re looking at $ 191.11. These boards also appear to lack PCIe 5 support, but do offer two additional x16 slots. They look like x1 and x4, and one of them is just PCIe 3. Again, it has two M.2 slots, but at least one of them offers a heatsink option. Our best guess is that the M.2 slot with the heatsink is PCIe 4.

The B660M-A mobile devices include four DIMM slots and four SATA ports. On the rear, you’ll find two 10Gbps USB 3.2 ports, two HDMI ports, and a DisplayPort output. The front headers allow you to add two more USB 3.2 10Gbps ports along with a single USB 3.2 20Gbps port.

There’s not much of a chance that these motherboards will be able to take full advantage of higher-end Alder Lake CPUs, but they could still be the foundation for an entry-level office PC (in the case of the H610M-E) or a low end gaming rig. (B6600M-A models).

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