Best Chrome Extensions for Downloading Streaming Videos of 2022

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About the best Chrome extensions to download streaming videos

Everyone loves watching videos, it’s a great way to be entertained, catch up on the news, learn something new, etc. Sometimes when you come across an interesting clip, you may want to download the video. An offline copy could be useful for reference or educational purposes. However, if you are using a Google Chrome web browser, you can download any video on your PC in no time.

There are many Chrome extensions available on the Chrome web store that allow you to download shared videos on any platform. Being one of the simplest web browsers, most of the people use Google Chrome to browse the web all over the world. While browsing the sites and pages, if you ever come across a Vimeo video that you think would be useful, it automatically becomes important to get that clip on your local computer for offline viewing and sharing.

This is where a downloader comes into play. However, if you are using a Google Chrome web browser, you can download any video on your PC in no time. There are many Chrome extensions available on the Chrome web store that allow you to download shared videos on any platform.

Check out the list of the best Chrome extensions to download streaming videos

Video Downloader Professional

Video Downloader professional is one of the top-rated Google Chrome extensions for downloading videos from any website. However, Video Downloader professional does not support YouTube videos due to certain restrictions.

Video Downloader professional is not limited to the Vimeo downloader that Chrome has. In fact, the extension can capture videos from many other popular video streaming websites as long as the clips are not copyrighted and available for download. Besides MP4, the tool also supports MOV, FLV, WEBM, MPG, AVI, etc. file formats. Apart from that, you can download videos from any website. The Chrome extension allows you to select from different resolutions, add videos to the playlist to download later, and more.

This extension tool is perfect for downloading various videos because it does not consume disk space on your computer. It also allows you to list videos directly from the tool if you want to watch them without visiting the actual website. Also, this extension is free and easy to use, allowing you to download videos instantly.

Video DownloadHelper

This is one of the most popular video downloader extensions, and for good reason. It’s free, easy to use, and works pretty reliably. Go to a video page, click the plugin button, choose the format and resolution in which you want to download the media. Video DownloadHelper will do the rest. It even has a built-in video converter that helps you convert downloaded media so you can play it on other devices.

Video DownloadHelper is easily one of the most useful browser extensions for streaming videos that you will ever install. The downside (more or less) is that you have to install it in your browser; If you already have a lot of extensions, the last thing you need is another one to make Chrome even slower. But if you download a lot of videos on a daily basis, Video DownloadHelper is definitely worth downloading.

The video conversion feature is a kind of freemium. While you can use it for free, Video DownloadHeloer Converter adds a QR code in the upper left corner of the video, as a watermark. And this is not a small box, the QR code is huge and very distracting as it blocks the content behind it. Unless you want to pay for the premium license to remove the watermarks, you can also use the extension to download videos and convert the videos manually with third-party software.

Video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus is another excellent video downloader extension that you can use on your Google Chrome browser. Once installed, you need to access the web page whose videos you want to download. Next, click on the Extension icon and Video Downloader Plus will list all the available videos.

Video Downloader Plus allows you to download Vimeo videos in the resolution you prefer. However, to download the clips in 4K resolution, you must purchase your Premium subscription. Also, the description box on the official website of the extension explicitly specifies that it is not compatible with YouTube and therefore users are suggested NOT to install the extension if they want to get a video from that portal.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager needs no introduction. It is not just a video downloader but the best file downloader ever made. IDM, as its users abbreviate it, comes with an official browser extension called the IDM Integration Module. It serves as a link grabber, which excels at detecting and extracting URLs from media. You can use it to download images, files, music, and of course videos, from almost any website.

However, before using this extension, you must first install IDM on your Windows 10 PC. For that, we recommend that you follow our Download Internet Download Manager full version guide (IDM 6.38 Build 5). After installing IDM, you must follow this guide to install the IDM integration module in your web browser.

YouTube video downloader

YouTube Video Downloader is one of the useful Chrome video downloader plugins that allows you to download YouTube videos instantly. This tool is perfect for downloading various YouTube videos in easy steps. All you have to do is copy and paste the link of the video you want to download in this tool. Apart from that, it allows you to download videos in different high quality options like 1440p, 2160p, 720p and much more.

Also, it allows you to download embedded Chrome videos directly from YouTube. Also, it allows you to download dashboard videos and audio streams to other websites. Also, you have an option where you can capture YouTube video screenshots in HQ resolution. Features include various video selection and quality parameters, playlist processing, download speed limit, batch video download, automatic file naming, ad inclusion, and subtitle download (for sites like YouTube) . The following formats are supported: 3GP, AAC, FLV, M4A, MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV, and WEBM.

If you prefer graphical interfaces, save yourself the headache and use one of the ones listed above. But if you are okay with the command line utilities, youtube-dl offers the most flexibility of any video download tool. However, it is complicated enough to have a non-trivial learning curve, so be prepared to read the documentation or you will get lost. You can also try youtube-dl-gui, which is an unofficial front-end user interface that is available for Windows and Linux.

Final Words: Best Chrome Extensions to Download Live Videos

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