Beware! Did you download this popular Android app on phone? Know how to DELETE Joker virus

The popular Android app Color Message has the Joker virus that can steal your personal data and make you pay.

If you are an Android application user and want to download any application then Google Play Store is the place from where you can easily do it. However, it should be noted that not all Android apps on the Google Play Store are safe and secure. If you download any of the unsafe apps on your phone, you may end up losing your data or it may cause security issues. And that brings us to our problem: the Android Joker virus app. Yes, the Joker virus has been found in an Android application and it is called Color Message. It is a popular application and hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded it and you may be one of them. It is vitally important that you remove this Android app because there is a Joker malware hidden in it.

Criminals try and are often successful in breaching phone security tools to inject Trojans into various applications to steal data from time to time using the applications that are not secure. A popular Android application called “Color Message” has been found to carry the Joker virus. According to the information, the Joker virus steals personal data from your smartphones and also gains premium access to other applications.

The Joker virus has been known since 2017 and acts as the basis for many applications. It is considered very dangerous. The really worrying thing is that it has been banned many times, but it keeps coming back. The virus is similar to malware that infiltrates your device and steals personal data and enrolls you in premium services that can drain your bank account. And it can also lead to an increase in phone bills.

How the Joker virus enters your phone

When you download or install a new application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, access and permissions are required to various details and data stored on your phone. Most people grant these permissions easily as they are in a rush to download. And generally, viruses enter your smartphone within the new application, which has been infected with the Joker malware and thus you gain access to your personal data.

The “Color Message” app is said to offer sticker sets and message analytics, but it also steals your data. It can be known that the application has more than 5 million downloads, however, it has been removed from the Google Play Store. Also, if you have the app installed on your phone, we recommend that you uninstall it.

It is also recommended not to install unnecessary applications and to grant them permission to access all your data keeping in mind the security reasons. Google Play Store security is there, but many viruses escape detection. Therefore, you must be careful and be completely safe before installing any application on your phone.


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