BMW is widely regarded as the inventor of what we today call an infotainment system introducing the original iDrive in 2001 with the E65 generation 7 Series sedan. Fast forward 20 years and seven iterations later, Operating System 8 was introduced earlier this year in March and is currently available on the following models: iX, i4, and the Active Tourer Series 2.

With more and more new BMWs switching to the latest hardware and software, it seems only right that the German luxury brand has released a video guide dedicated to its latest infotainment. Essentially, it is a step-by-step tutorial for downloading new software courtesy of an over-the-air update. The launch of OTA tweaks means visiting your local dealership to keep up to date with the latest apps will soon become a thing of the past.

It all starts with your smartphone, as the company will send a push notification to its My BMW app, informing iDrive 8-equipped car owners about the recently released software. Here’s how the process works for the iX electric SUV, but it will be pretty much the same for other current and future models with the latest infotainment. The duration of the download will depend on your phone’s internet connection and the size of the package.

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After the download is complete, the software can be transferred to the infotainment after linking your smartphone to the car via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Once the connection is established, the transfer will automatically upload to the vehicle while you are driving. Interrupting the connection will not be a problem as charging to the iDrive 8 will automatically pause and simply resume the moment the smartphone is reconnected to your BMW. You can also pause the process.

Once the software package has been fully transferred, the driver will be notified when the update can be applied effectively. BMW mentions that it can only be done when the car is “not in ready-to-drive mode.”

What models are next to get the iDrive 8? The all-new 7 Series (G70) will have it too, as will the 3 Series LCI and the production version of the XM plug-in hybrid SUV. With the revamped 3rd, most likely the first production M3 Touring model will as well. They are all scheduled to arrive in 2022.

[Source: BMW / YouTube]