Bully 2 Leaked Screenshots & Concept Art Are Legit

A new report from Game Informer has helped corroborate old pieces of concept art and screenshots from Bully 2, confirming its legitimacy.

A new report has corroborated some very old pieces of Bully 2 Concept art and screenshots, confirming that they are real. The story of Bully 2’s The development is one that has been legendary for many years, but the details about it are quite scarce. While there is some information, much of it is minimal and even unverified, making it difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Bully first released in 2006, taking on typical Rockstar Games tongue-in-cheek humor and controversial plot points seen throughout the Gta series, and place them within a school environment. For many years, rumors of a remaster, remake, or sequel have continued to persist, partly fueled by leaks and rumors. The leaked images and concept art helped keep hope alive, although Rockstar did not confirm their legitimacy. Former Rockstar developers have now shed new light on Bully 2revealing not only that it existed before being canceled, but it also reveals some of its characteristics. Some of the new details note that Bully 2The map was going to be roughly three times the size of the original map and it would be much denser with details.


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According to the recent Game informer report full of news Bully 2 details, multiple sources have confirmed some of the concept art and screenshots that previously came from the Twitter account Bully 2 Information they are legitimate. Shared since the leaker in 2017, the images largely set the tone, giving an idea of ​​what some of the characters would have looked like, while also revealing some settings. Game informer reports that not all account leaks are real, leaving some speculation as to which images may not be accurate. There have been rumors that Bully 2 it’s still happening, but for now, these few details and pieces of concept art are what players need to ponder.

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Previous rumors suggested that Bully 2 Jimmy would be staying at his stepfather’s mansion over the summer break and this concept art seems to back that up. The aesthetic certainly has a warmer vibe than the original game, which largely revolved around the fall and winter seasons. Details about the history of the canceled Bully 2 are still unknown, but the article mentions that Jimmy intended to be the lead once again, backing up previous unverified leaks. It seems like there would have been a greater focus on the city than exploring a school, so the summer break may make more sense for the surroundings.

Even if the sequel never happens, Bully 2 Influenced Red Dead Redemption 2, allowing many of your best ideas to still be seen. However, there are some items that are difficult to reuse on one of Rockstar’s other IPs, which makes Bully a one-of-a-kind franchise that the developer has yet to fully take advantage of. Yes Bully 2 It will get the resurrection it deserves and allow fans to live out a summer fantasy that is yet to be seen, but the visuals certainly look like the sequel fans are still waiting for.

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Source: Game Informer, Bully2Info / Twitter

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