Centre will intervene to stop paper leaks: Bharati Pawar | Kolhapur News

Kolhapur: The Union Minister of State for Family Health and Welfare Bharati Pawar on Sunday expressed anger at the leaks of documents from various examinations in the state.
He said the central government will intervene if the test leaks continue.
Recently, the health department recruitment exam questionnaire was leaked causing annoyance to thousands of students.
“Articles are filtered before exams and during exams. Candidates cannot understand what is happening. The responsibility for conducting the examinations rests with the companies, which are included in the black list. Despite all this, I cannot understand why the state government is not taking strict measures. If the paper leaks continue, the Center has to step in and take action, ”said the minister speaking in Kolhapur.
Speaking about the Covid pandemic and the expected third wave, the minister said that states have all the authority to decide to impose the shutdown or not. “We are issuing guidelines. I hope the states will follow them in letter and spirit. State governments have the power to impose the blockade, ”he said.


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