CLOSING TERME CARAMANICO, PD: “REGIONAL COUNCIL Download OTHER Personal Individual bankruptcy”

TERME CARAMANICO – “If there is only 1 certainty, it is that the Baths of Caramanico have been closed, after much more than a century of registration, considering that the Area is governed by Giunta Marsilio and not even the misfortune of obtaining left in the General inertia for this to happen, leaving much more than a hundred households unemployed, prevents President Marsilio and his council from unloading their personal bankruptcy on others ”.

This is what it declares Silvio Paolucci, regional councilor of the Democratic Party, just after acquiring examine the statements of President Marsilio and the Councilor for Health and Fitness Verì, on the sidelines of the assembly that they held with the bankruptcy trustee of the management company of the thermal power plant.

The previous Regional Council bequeathed a package of regulatory and monetary instruments that could have allowed the successful continuity of spa services even in the context of bankruptcy processes, as is the scenario of many firms in our region, without having destroyed the image of a strategic sector of Abruzzo. The establishment of a complex desk introduced by Verì, activated by us now in 2018, is a clumsy attempt to go to the cause of the regional constructions functions as an enlightened political initiative. “

The senator also intervenes in the matter. Luciano D’Alfonso: “The community of Caramanico – declares the regional president emeritus – must have very clear and concrete answers, mainly because it has been mocked by all those people who have committed on their own but have not lifted a finger to attend to a circumstance that has now been completely precipitated by the troubles they go through. They have surrounded the house and the persistent and incomprehensible inertia of the last regional federal government ”.

Chiosa Mario mazzocca, Regional Undersecretary of the City Council of D’Alfonso, who assures that “the practically a long time of inactivity of Marsilio & co. On the subject, a dilemma arises spontaneously: cui prodest? “

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