Complete List of Gigabyte & Aorus B660 Motherboards Leaked

Twitter user @hw_reveal has shared Gigabyte’s full line of B660 motherboards. The list shows three sub-brands, including the Ultra Durable series, the Gaming series, and of course the Aorus flagship line of B660 motherboards. There are 29 motherboards in total, ranging from DDR4 and DDDR5 variants, micro-ATX and ATX form factors, and more.

B660 is a new chipset option from Intel for the latest Alder Lake platform. Motherboards paired with the B660 chipset will be significantly cheaper than most Z690 motherboards, with reduced features and a lack of CPU overclocking support (but memory overclocking is still around). In particular, PCIe bandwidth and USB port connectivity are significantly limited and halved in most cases. But the result is a series of inexpensive motherboards that should have enough connectivity and features for the average user.

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