cook with comali: Thangadurai and Sunita’s picture from upcoming ‘Cook With Comali 3’ leaked?

Leaked photos from the ‘Cook With Comali 3’ set are circulating on the internet. Tiger Thangadurai and Sunita were seen posing in quirky outfits.

Cook With Comali, a popular cooking show, was a huge success and gained a worldwide following. The third edition is likely to air from Pongal next year.

With every fan looking into the upcoming season, filming began in the second week of December. The list of contestants, or the ‘Comalis’, has been kept confidential by the production house.


But Pugazh and Shivangi are rumored to be missing this season, while Bala, Sunita and Manimegalai will continue to appear.

Auditions for new Comalis were held throughout the country. Fans eagerly await to be entertained by the new finds, as rookies like Pugazh and Shivangi were successful in previous seasons.


Some of Bigg Boss’s celebrities like Suresh Chakravarty, Anita Sampath, and Sanam Shetty are also expected to compete in the upcoming season.

So far, the production company has not hidden more information. But now a photo of Comalis Tiger Thangadurai and Sunita in their comical costumes from the set is making the rounds on social media.


Chef Dhammu and Chef Venkatesh Bhatt will also remain the judges for the upcoming season.


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