Covert Photos of BYD Han EV Convertible Leaked

Several covert road test photos of a suspected BYD Han EV convertible were leaked, IThome reported Thursday. Although the car was covered in camouflage, it could still be identified from the front as belonging to the BYD Han series. The car’s hood was not closed at the time of the shooting, so it is temporarily unknown whether it was a soft top convertible or a hardtop.

Basically, the new car continues the design of the BYD Han EV, adopts the typical BYD “Dragon Face” and uses flat, narrow light sets and wide chrome strips. The biggest difference is the convertible design.

(Source: ITHome)

On the car side, the convertible version inherits the Han EV’s slim bodywork, leaving plenty of space behind the front seats, making it possible for the car to adopt a four-seat layout. The new model’s rim takes the shape of BYD’s Han EV extended-range model.

In terms of power, referring to the currently available Han EV, the new model is expected to come in two versions, namely front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models. The first has a maximum power of 163 kW and a maximum torque of 330 Nm, while the second has a maximum power of 363 kW and a maximum torque of 680 Nm.

In terms of cruising range, referring to BYD Han EV information registered with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, BYD has developed 506 km, 550 km and 605 km versions.

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BYD has not previously disclosed any information on this model. However, the BYD E-Seed GT prototype also appeared on the street last month, which is considered the pinnacle of BYD’s design and is reportedly a prototype of the Han EV.

In addition, the convertible car appeared in front of a FAW Toyota factory. Earlier this month, a source said Toyota will launch an all-electric small car in China by the end of next year and will seek key technologies from its partner BYD.

Since BYD’s new model appeared in front of the Toyota factory, some netizens speculated that they were doing a technical check for Toyota.

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