COVID leaked into everything in 2021 | News, Sports, Jobs

In the economic news, COVID has impacted workplaces, employees, and business operations alike. In the sports world, COVID shortened seasons, forced players out of games for a couple of weeks at a time, and even prevented the NHL from allowing its players to compete in the Winter Olympics. At the Summer Olympics, he forced a one-year postponement and forced athletes to compete in front of largely empty stands.

COVID leaked into everything in 2021 | News, sports, jobs Public institutions, from schools to medical centers to churches, have been affected by COVID.

As we approach 2022, we expect the battle against COVID to continue to filter through our lives. We hope the tide turns soon, and when next year rolls around, we can all celebrate the new year with the end of the old disease. Today’s latest news and more in your inbox

Families have been separated for much longer than they wanted. Weddings have been postponed and those that have been held often take on the feel of a medical facility.

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