Cryptominers Target SpiderMan No Way Home Fans Downloading Pirated Version of Movie

New Delhi, India: Fans of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” looking to download the movie via torrent file transfer on websites should heed a critical warning. According to security firm ReasonLabs, user crypto miners are luring users with torrent downloads of the next installment in the famous Marvel series.

The ReasonLabs research team found that the Monero miners were connected to Russian torrent versions of the new movie.

According to the company, the crypto miner adds exclusions to Windows Defender, generates persistence and starts a surveillance process to keep track of its operations.

As of this date, “the malware is not signed or written in .net, and as of this date, it is not present in ‘VirusTotal’. The malware tries to avoid eye examination, using ‘legitimate’ names for the files and processes it creates, “the company said in a statement.

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“We recommend taking special care when downloading content from any kind of unofficial sources, be it a document in an email from an unknown sender, a decrypted program from a suspicious download portal, or a file from a torrent download,” he advised. .

Although this malware does not violate personal information (as most people fear when they think of a virus on their computer), the damage that a miner produces can be seen in the user’s electricity bill.

“This is real money that they have to pay, since the miner works for long periods,” the researchers said.

“Also, damage can be felt on a user’s device as miners often require high CPU usage, causing the computer to drastically slow down,” he added.

ReasonLabs said it is currently investigating the origins of the miner, but continually sees miners used in mainstream programs, files of interest, popular apps, current events, and other locations.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” starring Tom Holland has broken box office records in India, grossing 79.14 million rupees in just three days of release.

They saw an increase in scammer activity in the days leading up to the film’s release and discovered several instances of phishing websites set up to steal financial information from viewers.

In other situations, people who tried to download the movie ended up with dangerous and unwanted programs, adware, and even Trojans installed.


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