David Beckham’s leaked emails slamming New Year’s Honours as football icon snubbed again

Manchester United legend David Beckham has been bypassed again for knighthood … more than four years after allegedly criticizing the New Years Honors committee.

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David Beckham was once again snubbed on the New Years honors list, despite reportedly being given the “go-ahead” for knighthood.

The former England captain is widely regarded as a servant after enjoying a remarkable football career, both on and off the pitch.

Beckham won trophies in England, Spain, France and the United States, including the Champions League with Manchester United.

He was also the most commercial player of his generation, becoming a British cultural icon and a global ambassador for the sport.

It is believed that Beckham, who is an OBE, was previously ineligible for a knighthood due to an issue with HM Revenue and Customs.

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David Beckham has raised millions of pounds for charity and won countless trophies as a footballer



Although that issue has reportedly been resolved, Beckham was not included on the New Years honors list.

Cycling icons Laura and Jason Kenny have become the first wife and husband to receive a ladies’ and gentlemen’s title on the same list of honors for their Olympic feats.

Tennis player Emma Raducanu received her MBE for becoming the first qualifier to win the US Open … but there was no place for Beckham in the sporting highlights.

And Becks may need to impress the Royals if he wants to be considered in the future after some shocking emails were leaked in 2017.

It was alleged that he had called the honors committee “ungrateful assholes” and insisted that he did not “mind being knighted.”

Later, Beckham claimed that some of the emails had been “tampered with” but told friends that he did write others “in the heat of the moment.”

He also allegedly wrote: “I wasn’t expecting anything less. To be honest it’s a shame and if I was an American I would have achieved something like this 10 years ago.”

Another email was reportedly addressed to singer Katherine Jenkins’ OBE. “So that?” It is alleged that Beckham asked. “Singing at the rugby and going to see the troops …”

Many in the media criticized Beckham for his comments, including Piers Morgan. “Oh. God. RIP Brand Beckham …” the station tweeted.

Morgan later added: “No one will be envious of David Beckham tomorrow. Everyone will be grossed out by him.”

Piers Morgan criticized Beckham after his alleged emails


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A close friend of Beckham’s told The Mirror exclusively in 2017: “He’s very calm right now because he knows what a great job he has done for UNICEF.

“But it saddens him that people question all that work. Honestly, he wasn’t as scathing as that, but you say some things privately and in the heat of the moment.”

“To be honest, he feels like he has given so much to his country. And sometimes you say things privately that anyone would say and you really don’t mean it.

“While he was frustrated with those emails, he had gotten over it by the time he sent them. Obtaining a knighthood is not what his job is about.

“He doesn’t care if he gets the knighthood or not.”

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