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After 25 years, the legendary Del Boy and Rodney are still a Christmas hit. As always cash-strapped, the comedy duo first aired on the BBC in 1981. Starring Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, the long-running sitcom came to an end after seven seasons. In Sir David’s Memoirs, the actor spoke about the drama behind the scenes before the release of Heroes and Villains.

In the much-loved holiday special, the brothers think they are going to a costume contest.

The pair enter the contest hoping to win a £ 1,000 speaker system as a prize, set by the organizers.

After careful consideration, Del Boy and Rodney comically decide to appear as the crime-fighting heroes Batman and Robin.

“Beyond this, of course, is the added joke that they are not … on their way to a costume party,” he said.

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Sir David told readers that “they were actually destined for a wake.” unbeknownst to the couple, as the party organizer had died.

Highlighting the pressure the actors were under to keep their surprise a secret, the Del Boy actor stated, “Even a glimpse of Del or Rodney in those stupid costumes before the episode aired …

Said, “It would have been ruinous.”

In Sir David A’s Del Of A Life memoir, which was published last year, he explained, “You may have shredded all the careful build-up as well.”

The production team made an effort to film the scene at midnight to avoid witnesses who could leak her costume.

Speaking about the hit Christmas special, the 81-year-old actor said: “Once it was in the can, we had the clout to tell the BBC that nothing should leak out that showed Del Boy and Rodney in those outfits.”

Speaking of the difficulties, the TV icon announced: “A picture in the newspaper could have messed it up.”

While the newspapers were eager for a sneak peek, the Only Fools and Horses team was on a top-secret mission to avoid any spoilers ahead of the show’s holiday premiere.

Typically the show would have been filmed in London, but to take extra precautions they decided to shoot in Bristol.

The team also hired security guards, who cordoned off the area to prevent anyone from approaching the location where they were filming.

After celebrating his 80th birthday, the national treasure shared his memories of his stellar career in show business.

The star continues to appear on screens after BBC viewers saw David make an appearance on the 2021 Christmas special Strictly Come Dancing.

Jay Blades of The Repair Shop had just finished his Jive with professional dancer Luba Mushtuk, where they scored 34 points from the judges.

The couple danced to Only Fools and Horses’ title track, Hooky Street, and received a surprise message from the star of the much-loved British show.

Only Fools and Horses is available on Amazon Prime Video

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