Delhi court directs CBI to probe Deshmukh in leak of ‘PE report’

Noting that former Maharashtra Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh was not indicted as a defendant in a final CBI report, a Delhi court ordered the CBI on Wednesday to investigate the PNC leader in connection with the leak of sensitive information and confidential related to a corruption case, noting that the agency “appears to have abandoned the man pulling the strings.”

Special Judge Sanjeev Aggarwal approved the order taking note of a charge sheet filed in this matter against Deshmukh’s attorney, Anand Daga, and CBI Deputy Inspector Abhishek Tiwari.

“The CBI seems to have left the motor / horse pulling the car, therefore it only accused those who traveled by car, since without pulling the motor or the horse, the trip by car or the conspiracy would not have been possible … Despite the apparent mountain of evidence, CBI appears to have abandoned the man who pulls the strings or the controlling mind or the mastermind or the head while only accusing the hands, for the best known reasons, ”the court said in its order. December 22.

Tiwari and Daga were arrested after the leak of the CBI Preliminary Investigation (PE) report, which concluded that no recognizable crime had been committed against Deshmukh because of the corruption allegations made by the former Mumbai Police Commissioner, Param Bir Singh, in the Bombay High Court. . The leaked report, the CBI alleged, circulated on social media as part of a “larger conspiracy to subvert the investigation.”

In its order of 22 December, the Delhi court ordered the IWC to “further investigate Deshmukh’s role in the present matter in a discreet and thorough manner as soon as possible and within a specified timeframe.”

The agency has been ordered to submit a status report in this regard within four weeks of the order “without fail.”

The court made the observations after noting that both Daga and Tiwari were closely associated with Deshmukh and “may have been acting in conjunction with him, who may be the controlling mind of the larger conspiracy.”

The judge also pointed out that the two “can only be hands, since he [Deshmukh] it would have been and was the main beneficiary of the leak of the content of the previous EP ”.

On December 17, the last date of the hearing, the court had discussed the content of the charge sheet, noting that Tiwari had received “illegal gratification” for leaking sensitive and confidential information related to the alleged corruption case against Deshmukh, and who received an iPhone 12 Pro as a bribe.


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