Delhi court orders probe against NCP leader Anil Deshmukh’s role in leaking inquiry report

A Delhi court on Wednesday ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation to carry out an investigation into the role of former Maharashtra minister Anil Deshmukh in the case related to the leak of the agency’s preliminary investigative report, PTI reported.

An alleged preliminary investigation report that was leaked did not mention any recognizable crime against Deshmukh. But the Central Bureau of Investigation concluded that the politician’s lawyer had allegedly bribed the agency official to manipulate this report “in an attempt to subvert the case.”

The alleged report was signed by the investigating officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police RS Gunjiyal.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Special Judge Sanjeev Aggarwal said that while Deshmukh was not indicted as a defendant on the agency’s charge sheet, he could have planned the largest conspiracy as he would benefit from the leak of the contents of the preliminary investigation report. .

The court made the observations, noting the charge sheet of the Central Bureau of Investigation against the agency’s deputy inspector Abhishek Tiwari, Deshmukh’s lawyer, Anand Daga.

The charge sheet also mentioned Vaibhav Gajendra Tumane, who ran the former minister’s social media, for allegedly attempting to subvert the preliminary investigation ordered by the Bombay High Court, PTI reported.

Tiwari and Daga had been arrested in September as part of an investigation into allegations that Deshmukh had forced police officers to collect bribes on his behalf. The arrests were made after the investigating agency determined that the attorney had bribed the deputy inspector from the Central Bureau of Investigation.

The judge said Wednesday that the common goal of the conspiracy appeared to be to access the preliminary investigation report and for the investigation to be conducted illegally and clandestinely.

“The CBI seems to have left the motor / horse pulling the cart, so it only charged those who traveled by cart, since without pulling the motor or horse, the cart ride or the conspiracy would not have been possible … “, said the court, according to The indian express. “Despite the mountain of apparent evidence, CBI seems to have abandoned the man who pulls the strings or the controlling mind or the mastermind or the head while only attacking the hands, for the most well-known reasons.”

The agency was ordered to submit a status report without fail within four weeks. The court also ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation to “further, discreetly and exhaustively investigate Deshmukh’s role in the present matter as promptly as possible and within a specified timeframe,” it reported. The indian express.

CBI files a charge sheet against its deputy inspector, Deskhmukh’s lawyer

Meanwhile, the agency filed a charge sheet against Deshmukh’s lawyer and his own deputy inspector, noting that a confidential statement from the head of the Central Bureau of Investigation, Subodh Kumar Jaiswal, had been recovered from the devices of the two defendants, it reported. PTI.

The Central Bureau of Investigation said Jaiswal’s statement, which had been recorded during his previous tenure, was related to the bribery allegations against Deshmukh.

A forensic examination of the recovered devices from Deshmukh’s attorney and the deputy inspector from the Central Bureau of Investigation revealed that the telephone conversation of Jaiswal, who was then the director general of the Central Industrial Security Force, had been recorded by Tiwari and the Superintendent Agency Police Deputy Mukesh. Kumar on May 6.

Jaiswal took over as head of the Central Bureau of Investigation on May 26. He was questioned under article 161 (police interrogation of witnesses) of the Criminal Procedure Code about the case during his service as director general of Maharashtra police, according to PTI. .

Forensic analysis showed that Jaiswal’s recorded statement was stored on Tiwari’s flash drive on August 1 and four days later on Deshmukh’s lawyer’s phone.

The agency also found files related to the leaked preliminary investigation report and the first information report against Deshmukh on the politician’s lawyer’s phone, PTI reported, citing the agency official.

Accusations against Deshmukh

In March, former Mumbai police chief Param Bir Singh had accused Deshmukh of extorting money from the owners of bars and restaurants in the city.

Singh had alleged that the suspended Mumbai Police Deputy Inspector Sachin Vaze told him that Deshmukh had asked him to collect Rs 100 million a month through illegal channels.

The central agency has alleged that Vaze had collected 4.7 million rupees from the bar owners from December 2020 to February on Deshmukh’s instructions.

On August 23, the Directorate of Execution filed a charge sheet against Deshmukh’s aides, Sanjeev Palande and Kundan Shinde, in an alleged money laundering case.

Palande is Deshmukh’s private secretary, Shinde is his private assistant. The agency had arrested the two men on June 26 in connection with the case.

The Directorate of Enforcement has alleged that Vaze gave the money to Shinde and Palande.

Deshmukh has repeatedly denied the allegations, but resigned from the state cabinet on April 5 after the Bombay High Court ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation to conduct a preliminary investigation against him.

He is currently in judicial custody for the money laundering case against him.


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