Does this Leyland road really have downloads speeds 120,000% slower than the fastest in Lancashire?

Upper Prairie, Leyland

According to the U-Switch price comparison service, Higher Meadow has an average download speed of 0.70 Mbps, which means that it would take 16 hours and 29 minutes to download a two-hour HD movie.

By comparison, the same movie would only take 49 seconds to download at West Gate, Fleetwood, which has the fastest download speed in the Northwest of 841.85 Mbps.

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Fastest and Slowest Speeds in the UK, According to U Switch

Residents in Higher Meadow have cast some doubt on the U Switch data, but the company says it is likely that since both ultra-fast and ultra-fast broadband are available in Higher Meadow, residents are unaware that they might get a better connection, or they incorrectly believe that it will cost them much more.

One woman said: “We stream on Netflix regularly, and there has never been a problem for us. Sometimes it can turn off for a moment or two, but I’m sure it’s the same for everyone.

“My husband watches the speed of the broadband and says ours is around 106 Mbps.”

Another resident said, “I have the fastest service Virgin offers, and I’ve never had a problem with speed, just the occasional broadband stability when listening to my Google Nest.”

“A lot of people here also work from home, so if it was really that bad, they would find it impossible.”

Research shows that the number of broadband users enjoying faster speeds is growing. Two-fifths of users (43 percent) now get blazing-fast speeds of more than 30 Mbps, which is nearly double what it was six years ago (22 percent).

But despite the fact that ultra-fast broadband is available to 96 percent of the country and ultra-fast to 62 percent, a recent Uswitch survey found that four in ten (40 percent) don’t know they can access it. to her in her local area.[9].

The slowest and fastest streets in the UK have been revealed through the analysis of 276,083 speed tests carried out by broadband users over the last year.

The number of speed tests increased 124 percent from the 2019 count of 122,845, and the dramatic increase suggests that consumers have been paying more attention to their home broadband performance since the start of the pandemic.

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