Dunkin’s Alleged New Flavor Syrup Possibly Leaked Online

Dunkin ‘has been releasing hit after hit in terms of new menu items. And just when you thought the chain couldn’t get other food or drink ideas on camera, a Dunkin ’employee drops a big reveal on Reddit about a supposed new upcoming drink option.

The user, who posted under the name naruto1597, posted a photo of a huge container of drink syrup with a label that reads “Brown Sugar Cookie.” The user claims that the syrup “is really delicious”, adding that “they can’t wait to get a taste of it.” According to the user, the option will be available in January.

It’s also not just the Reddit user who posted about the syrup. Several other Redditors claiming to be Dunkin ’employees confirmed that the syrup hit their stores and will be available early next month. According to the Reddit thread, this new drink will be available while supplies last, and Dunkin ‘workers online “see this is very popular.”

“It’s so good. These syrups have been really good since chocolate stout, I’ve been impressed by every cold LTO beer with cold foam,” wrote one Redditor.

Naruto1597 suggested trying the syrup in an iced latte with almond milk. However, there is no limit to how to obtain it. According to Reddit, the brown sugar cookie flavor will be limited to a syrup and will not come in a swirl. It is supposedly vegan and contains no eggs or dairy.

As for the taste, a Reddit user who got his hands in the syrup says it “tastes like stroopwafels,” which are Dutch waffle cookies. You will have to test it for yourself once it is published and see if they are correct.

Dunkin ‘has yet to confirm the taste.


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