Elden Ring Spoilers That Have Already Been Leaked

You do not Really I need leaks to tell you how “Elden Ring” ends. After exploring every inch of the Midlands and slaying countless monsters and enemies, it will all come down to one last epic boss battle. “Dark Souls” had Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, while “Bloodborne” had Gehrman. Every “Souls” game has its own memorable final boss, and there’s no reason to expect “Elden Ring” to suddenly abandon this integral piece of the tried-and-true formula.

Despite all the information gleaned from the game’s closed network test, the data-miners were apparently left speechless on the question of the game’s true great evil. Rather than give a definitive answer, fans have surmised that there are several different possibilities, ranging from Queen Marika the Eternal to the many daughters of Malenia (via GameCentric).

Queen Marika might be the obvious choice for a final boss, as her offspring rule the various regions of Lands Between, but FromSoftware isn’t exactly known for making obvious decisions with her stories. For now, the final battle on “Elden Ring” remains a mystery, but the leaks have definitely given fans some credible clues.

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