Epic Games Leaked Free Mystery Games List December 2021 (Updated)

Epic Games is giving away a total of 14 games to celebrate the end of the year, and fans are very excited to find out what these games will be.

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Epic Games launched its showcase a few years ago, and over the years, it has built up a pretty significant user base. One of the most lucrative aspects of the showcase has been the various giveaways organized from time to time, and some amazing titles like GTA 5 have been given away for free in the past. With a mega giveaway right now, we have some interesting details to share about the same.

Genshin Impact | Arataki Itto Character Demo Trailer



Genshin Impact | Arataki Itto Character Demo Trailer






Epic Games Leaked Free Games List, Dec 2021 (Updated)

So far we have received a total of seven games as part of the campaign. There are 7 more left, so there is a lot to look forward to. It started with Shenmue 3, followed by some indies. However, it looks like some interesting games are coming in the next few days.

Today, Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden was given away for free, but if the leaks so far turn out to be true, we’ll be seeing Vampyr and Prey in the coming days. Both games are critically acclaimed single-player titles, and these giveaways should get a lot of fans excited.

That being said, they are still leaks, so they should be taken with a grain of salt. However, you can find the most recent list below.

  • December 16 – Shenmue III
  • December 17 – Neon abyss
  • Dec. 18 – Remnant of the ashes
  • Decembre 19th – Disappearance of Ethan Carter
  • December 20th – Loop hero
  • December 21 – Second extinction
  • December 22th – Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden
  • December 23th – Vampire (Filtered out)
  • Dec. 24 – Pathfinder Kingmaker (Filtered out)
  • December 25th – Dam (Filtered out)
  • December 26
  • December 27
  • December 28th
  • December 29
  • December 30

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