Exam leaks: Unions accuse ministry of negligence


The Namibian National Teachers Union (Nantu) and student unions are disappointed that the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture does not have supporting exams ready in case existing documents are leaked.

This is sheer negligence, they say.

This comes after the 11th and 12th grade exams were leaked in the last national exams.

The general secretary of the Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN), Mahongora Kavihuha, told The Namibian yesterday that the union is disappointed that these leaks have not been detected earlier.

“We are frustrated that the ministry does not have supporting documents for questions,” he said.

Kavihuha said that it cannot be the first time an incident like this has occurred.

The teachers union has asked the ministry to carry out a full investigation into the leaks.

“Education for the last two years was interrupted by Covid-19, and 2022 will be interrupted by poor planning.” he asked she.

Kavihuha expressed concern for students from unaffected regions who are now demoralized and affected by the ministry’s decision to rewrite some exams, which would affect their exam results.

The President of the Students’ Union of Namibia (SUN), Simon Amunime, shared Kavihuha’s sentiments and condemned the incident.

Amunime said that students, especially those who were adequately prepared, would be negatively affected.

He said SUN is requesting that the ministry make provisions for the affected students’ applications to tertiary institutions next year.

According to Amunime, a preliminary calendar published by the ministry shows the dates of the consecutive exams.

Nicole Mbaile, general secretary of the student council representative of the International University of Administration, said that the incident would delay the university programs and the learning of the affected students.

The director of the Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF), Kennedy Kandume, says that writing final exams next year would only affect the student loan application process.

Kandume said the NSFAF would have to wait for the Ministry of Education to make the results available, as the process depends on the 12th grade results.

“Applications will start as scheduled, but we will not finalize the process until the results are released, because we have to match the 12th grade results with the applicants,” Kandume said.

Deputy Executive Director for Education Edda Bohn says all students are affected by the leaks.

She says a total of 99,631 candidates signed up for the latest exams, of whom 51,958 are full-time students.

The ministry has not yet reached out to higher education institutions on the matter, Bohn says.

“We will still write to them officially on this national issue,” he says.

Bohn says the schedule for the early next year exams has been finalized and sent to all regional directorates.

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