Facebook papers: Leaked internal documents show company failed to check abusive content globally

Facebook docs

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New Delhi: Leaked internal documents from social media giant Facebook have shown that the company has been unable to verify abusive content globally. even in countries where disinformation and hate speech are likely to do the most harm.

The documents are among a stash of disclosures made to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and to Congress by whistleblower Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager who left the company in May.

According to Reuters, which accessed the leader’s documents, the social media company was aware of the fact that it has not hired enough workers who possess the language skills and knowledge of local events necessary to identify objectionable posts from users in various countries in developing. .

The documents also showed that the artificial intelligence systems Facebook employs to root out such content are often not up to par; and that the company has not made it easy for its own global users to flag posts that violate site rules.

‘Facebook does not review hate speech in India’

In India, the company has been unable to contain hate speech, misinformation and celebrations of violence, the documents revealed.

In an undated document, which a person familiar with the disclosures said was from 2021, Facebook employees also shared examples of “fear-instilling anti-Muslim narratives” posted on the site in India, including calls to expel the large population. Muslim minority there. .

“Our lack of Hindi and Bengali classifiers means that much of this content is never flagged or activated,” the document says. Internal posts and employee comments this year also pointed to the lack of classifiers in the Urdu and Pashto languages ​​to filter out problematic content posted by users in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

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