Faster downloads, better streaming: why a gamer’s New Year’s resolution should be a network upgrade

The need to update is a constant for players. The desire to jump from Nintendo Switch to Nintendo Switch OLED is strong, the need to put a 2TB SSD in the PS5 is almost overwhelming, and the desire to level up from a standard Xbox keyboard to an Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller deep, profuse. and prodigious.

The problem is, we don’t always make the upgrades that offer the most bang for our buck. And while flashy hardware releases often attract our attention, little thought is given to the devices that props our addiction to games.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

(Image credit: Miguel Lagoa)

Specifically, I am talking about our network equipment. Never before has the quality of our internet connections been more important to our gaming sessions. At a basic level, the games are bigger than ever, regularly topping 100GB. So even to play a game at a good time, an Internet connection with a magnitude of greatness is required that far exceeds what was required during the last generation.

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