FIFA 22: Reece James Headliners Card Leaked

Chelsea defender Reece James is believed to be involved in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Headliners promotion, according to leakers.

Various teams and mini-releases, as well as objective cards, are expected to be part of this latest creation from EA, which is preparing to offer more rewards to players in packs.

Last year, players like Bruno Fernandes and Fabinho received some hugely attractive orange cards as part of Headliners, and this year many more will be included.

With the New Year just around the corner, so are the Headliners, with many FIFA 22 players already speculating which players will be added to the promotion this year.

Those details seem to have started to emerge as social media has started to come to life with leaks and teasers.

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Reece James Headliners

Thanks to Elitage, we got to see an impressive looking card regarding what Chelsea’s Reece James would look like with his Headliners card this year, which is believed to be part of the promo.

As you can see below, his stats, especially for a right-back, look absolutely insane and would be a useful addition to any Premier League or England team in Ultimate Team.

A card with a 90 pace and consistent stats for dribbling, defense and physique could mean this will be the new option, that being said.

Many have taken advantage of Kyle Walker’s impressive gold card all year long thanks to the reasons mentioned above, while some have opted for the cheaper Trent Alexander-Arnold alternative.

If James really gets a Headliners card with stats like these, Chelsea’s fullback won’t be cheap in the transfer market in the slightest, and we predicted he could buy at least 200,000 coins.

This being the final promotion until Team of the Year (TOTY) is back once again, EA will be looking to end 2021 with a bang and releasing this card will certainly help achieve that.


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