FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Card Leaked for Team Two

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has released a new Winter Wildcard Promo and a new special Zlatan Ibrahimovic card has been leaked.

The veteran forward is much loved and a legend of the game, and despite being in his 30s, he still plays at a very high level.

The promotion got off to a great start on Friday, December 17, 2021 and there are some absolutely fantastic cards available for players to use. This promotion has possibly had some of the best cards in the game and is definitely one of the best promotions.

Leaks seem to be daily when it comes to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and EA Sports is now having a hard time releasing surprises. It appears that these leaks will continue throughout the course of FIFA.

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New FUT Winter Wildcard Zlatan Ibrahimovic Leaked

Promotions in FIFA generally appear to have two teams released at two separate times to make the promotion last longer.

Team one was revealed last Friday, and team two is on its way imminently. It seems that we will see Ibrahimovic in this second team. The forward currently plays for AC Milan and is trying to help the Serie A team fight for the title.

These latest leaks have been revealed in social media for FutZoneCentral, and this Twitter account is one of the most trusted leaks on Twitter. FutSheriff Y Mitch Trading The card was also leaked.

It looks like the card with 84 ratings will be getting a massive update, and not only has its improved rating been revealed, but its stats have been leaked as well.

The Swede will have a 91 point card, and here are his stats in full:

  • Rhythm: 90
  • Shooting: 92
  • Pass: 88
  • Dribble: 89
  • Defense: 41
  • Physical: 98

This is a huge improvement, and now it makes Ibrahimovic a hugely dominated striker who is now playable and fits the goal of the game.

Undoubtedly, many will want to get this Ibrahimovic card, and you will have to wait to pack it, as it will cost a lot of coins in the Transfer Market.

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