Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier celebrates 2 million downloads with limited-time challenges

Developer Square Enix has announced a celebration event in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. To mark the game reaching two million downloads worldwide, a set of limited-time challenges has been added to the game for today only.

The new challenges replace the segment in the challenge menu where the holiday events were. They are available until 5pm PT and offer all players the chance to win a total of up to 78 Premium Shinra Packs, tickets, and much more.

So far, most of the Shinra Packs have been awarded to players as apology packages for server maintenance lasting longer than expected or bugs and glitches found in the game after a patch was released.

The challenges don’t require players to do anything demanding. All you need to do is play any match up to five times to get better and better rewards. This covers individual and team matches, with the first reward being 300 Gil and all other rewards for the remaining six challenges are Premium Shinra Packs.

These challenges are worth completing because the Shinra Premium Packs on offer will bring you better rewards than any other Shinra Packs. These are the loot boxes from Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, which award cosmetics of varying degrees of rarity. Any duplicates you get will be converted to Moogle Medals, which means that the Shinra pack is always worth opening for the rewards.

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