First Details on New Star Wars Game Leaked

The first details of a new and upcoming Star Wars the game has been leaked. Earlier this month, during The Game Awards, Star wars eclipse was announced and revealed with a CGI trailer. Of course, the CGI trailer didn’t reveal much about the game, but it did show the High Republic era that it takes place in. But that’s all we know, officially, about the game, other than that it’s going to allow players to shape the story with options, which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the developer behind the game. Quantic Dream has been tasked with developing the game, and the Canadian / French consistently placed player choice at the center of their previous games, such as Detroit: become human, Heavy rain, Y Beyond two souls.

Officially, this is all we know about the game. With that said, we do have some unofficial new details about the game, which are courtesy of AGREEMENT, a leaker that notably leaked footage of the game before it was revealed.

According to AccNGT, Star Wars Eclipse is an open-world action-adventure game with interactive narration with some multiplayer elements. AccNGT adds that the game is an original story and a very ambitious game that has apparently looked towards The last of us by inspiration. Other notes made include a note about the game that has a non-linear history, much like the previous Quantic Dream games and various playable characters.

As for development, the leaker claims that development of the game began, somehow, 18 months ago and is using the studio’s in-house engine, which is known for its visual fidelity rather than gameplay.

This is all the report shares. As always, what is shared should be viewed with caution. In the meantime, if any kind of comment or response is issued from anyone involved in the development of the game in relation to this report, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

Star wars eclipse it is in the early stages of development. At this time, there is no news of a release date or even a release window. Meanwhile, there is no news of platforms, although the reasonable and safe assumption is that it will be a PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Unfortunately, we have almost no official details about the game, but the following description of the game has been provided:

Star wars eclipse is the first video game to be set in an unexplored region of the Outer Rim during the High Republic era, known as the Golden Age of the Jedi. The game will build on Quantic Dream’s expertise in delivering deeply branched narratives and go beyond its already established acclaim. Player choices will be at the center of the experience, as each decision can have a dramatic impact on the course of history. “


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