Fortnite New Year event leak shows what Epic has planned for 2022

Fortnite hosts a live event every year. They do more than that, but there is at least one that occurs every year, and it is actually at the beginning of the year (or the end of the previous year). The New Years Eve event is popular in Fortnite, as players often stay up late to witness it live.

These events are largely the same year after year, but it is still a pleasure and something to look forward to at the end of the year. This year’s event was leaked early and Fortnite players are excited for it.

New Years Eve event leaked ahead of Fortnite live event

The event won’t take place live for another ten days, but a new leak has shown what it will look like when that day arrives.

The leak is courtesy of Sinx6, one of the most prominent leaks / content creators Fortnite has. At the event, as in years past, a giant ball smashed through a rift on top of the world.

It’s likely the same ball that lands in New York City and elsewhere on New Year’s Eve. It is not the first item to have been pulled from the real world, as in Chapter 1 of Season 4, golf and drift carts made their way from this reality to Fortnite.

The New Years ball drops in Fortnite on December 31 (Image via Epic Games)
The New Years ball drops in Fortnite on December 31 (Image via Epic Games)

The ball crystallizes and then begins to slowly fall as the countdown begins. Count down from 10 to one and announce the beginning of a new year. In this case, it is 2022.

That’s pretty much all the event is about. It’s a small but constant part of the year for Fortnite players, as they can almost always look forward to this live event on December 31st.

The event is most likely to occur around midnight local time on December 31. Time zones will change and event timing is likely to be affected by that. Players from other time zones are unlikely to have to watch the event at 10pm or something like that.


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