Fortnite players fighting over leaked ‘Warzone’ mode that scraps building

FORTNITE fans are divided by a leaked ‘No Build’ LTM that will take down the core mechanics of the game.

Twitter filter Hypex has reminded fans that the new Fortnite mode is in the works.

Hypex says Epic Games is working on a No Build LTM


Hypex says Epic Games is working on a No Build LTMCredit: HYPEX / TWITTER

But the lack of the build aspect of the game, even just for an LTM, is irritating a part of the community.

“Brother, they are going to turn into cod,” he said. a person in the thread, comparing the LTM to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Which is ironic, since Warzone followed in Fortnite’s footsteps with the pivot for the battle royale.

“[Why] remove the building when that is [sic] what the game has been based on all this time, “he intervened in another Twitter user.

“It seems a bit pointless though why even play Fortnite at that point hahaha.” additional someone else.

Many of the comments were enthusiastic about the prospect of no compilation mode.

Some said they have friends who could give Fortnite a spin if the LTM is implemented.

But there are internal fights between the ‘sweats’ and the ‘casuals’.

The sweats play using unnecessarily elaborate strategies, while the casuals just run around and have fun. According to the general community, at least.

Sweats are not a fan of the mode, while casuals are convinced they have a problem with it, as they are not good enough players without using the build as a crutch.

“Informals really believe that they will not be massacred in this LMAO,” tweeted someone who likes to build.

“Ahhh sweat worst nightmare. Heyyy um, can this already be a permanent mode?” saying a casual.

Either way, No Build LTM is set to be a temporary mode and players can choose to dive or not.

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