Fortnite survey accidentally leaks new member of The Seven

Only four members of The Seven have been discovered in Fortnite. The Foundation, The Scientist, The Visitor, and The Paradigm are the only known members of the secret organization. The first three have vowed to release Zero Point and break the loop.

The three remaining members of The Seven in Fortnite are The two Sisters and The Origin. When players arrived at the Sanctuary on the Artemis map, they discovered more about The Seven. This is where all the members of the secret organization reside. The totems of each member of The Seven can be found there.

Players could expect to find out more and even see the remaining members of The Seven in Fortnite Chapter 3. However, a recent survey by Epic Games may have leaked what The Origin skin would look like when it arrives.

The origin of The Seven was leaked in Fortnite

Epic Games sends out frequent Fortnite skin surveys to test the waters around potential skin designs. These often serve as a great source of information on all the skins and characters that will be coming into the game. Previously, various big names and collaborations were teased in polls and also ended up getting into the game.

A similar poll recently leaked the fifth member of the Seven in Fortnite. Players already had an idea of ​​what The Origin looks like from its mask in Sanctuary. However, the survey skin design has almost confirmed the arrival of The Origin in Fortnite Chapter 3.


Unlike other members of The Seven, The Origin in Fortnite Chapter 3 appears to harness magical powers. He certainly looks like a fighter that relies heavily on agility and magic.

The sisters of The Seven in Fortnite also leaked

With five members of The Seven discovered, this only leaves out The Sisters in Fortnite. It seems that the last two members of the secret organization are twin sisters. The recently leaked skin survey contained images of twin wrestlers, which can be The Seven Sisters or outfit styles for the same skin.

The leaked Fortnite skin survey also offers a first look at two potential new IO guards. The Imagined Order is making its way to the Flip Side, and it plans to bring all muscle and brains with it. It seems that the story of Chapter 3 of Fortnite will surround the tensions between IO and The Seven.


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