FREE DOWNLOAD: Premier League GW20 analytics reports – data viz and stats

Happy new year and good afternoon / morning / evening anywhere in the world where you get your analytics solution from today.

We are back again with another fix to the Premier League statistics and data display: they have been a bit erratic during the festive period due to delays in data release and cancellation of matches left, right and left. center, so sorry for that.

As always, all matches are covered and you can see all the data points to help you understand what happened on the field in the truncated GW20. You will learn which player has the highest xT, which team has the highest xG from the right, which player has made the most interceptions, and much, much more.

The first report is the match analysis – where we provide you with lots of pictures about everything that happened in every Premier League match in the last week of play.

The second report is our team benchmarking – this is vastly improved than what you saw in the last reports we sent, we have added much more information for you.

Third and not least, today we present our player benchmarking Also, but keep in mind that thanks to some debuts over the weekend, some of the 90s are a bit inflated right now. They will settle in the next few weeks.

Warning: there is A LOT of information on each match!

It’s completely free, there’s no catch, you don’t need a site subscription to get access!

Enjoy the packages for this round and we’ll be back after the next set of matches.

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