Funeral plans for UK queen leaked

LONDON: Leaked documents have revealed for the first time the massive operation that will launch in the hours and days after the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. Details of “Operation London Bridge” were leaked to “Politico,” which reports that officials will refer to the day of the queen’s death as “D-Day.”
The monarch will be buried 10 days after her death and her heir, Prince Charles, will embark on a UK tour before the burial takes place. According to plans, the coffin of the late sovereign will remain in state for three days in the Houses of Parliament, and authorities anticipate that hundreds of thousands of people will descend on London to pay tribute.
A large security operation has been planned to handle the unprecedented crowds and travel chaos. There will also be a “spontaneous” service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, according to Politico. The British prime minister and the monarch are said to agree that the day of her state funeral will be a day of national mourning. Indeed, it will be a holiday, even if it is not described as such. Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the leak.


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