Galaxy S22 Ultra shows off its cameras in leaked ad

Throughout the year, we have seen the Galaxy S22 Ultra at the center of various leaks. Most of these leaks showed third-party renders or even dummy devices that could represent the finished product, but so far, we haven’t seen the Galaxy S22 Ultra in person. All that changes today with a leaked promotional poster showing us the back of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and what appears to be the S22 Plus.

Image: SlashGear

Everybody gets an S Pen

The leaked poster comes from Let’s Go Digital, which has been the source of several Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks up to this point. Let’s Go Digital obtained the poster from an unidentified source, and the website says that while it cannot elaborate on the origin of the poster, it can confirm that it is an official marketing image.

Image source: Let’s Go Digital

Assuming this poster is official and therefore accurate, it confirms several important things about the S22 Ultra. First of all, it seems to confirm that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will come with an S Pen as a standard accessory in the box. Although the poster doesn’t show us the S Pen casing at the bottom of the phone, Let’s Go Digital claims it’s there, and the fact that the S Pen is represented in the S22 Ultra’s marketing suggests that it is, too.

The big question is what will happen to the Galaxy Note if the S Pen becomes a standard feature for higher-end Galaxy S devices. While older Galaxy S phones are compatible with the S Pen, they don’t come packaged, leaving room for the Galaxy Note. Now that it may come as an accessory included in the Galaxy S22 Ultra box, shall we see the Galaxy Note emerge from its own niche?

Much ado about cameras

Another cool thing this poster reveals is the rear camera array on the S22 Ultra and S22 Plus. Renders and dummy devices initially showed the S22 Ultra had a raised camera housing, but we don’t see it on this poster. Instead, there are no significant bulges on the camera array, although the lenses of the individual cameras appear to protrude slightly from the body of the phone, it’s not exactly pronounced.

This seems to be true whether we are talking about the S22 Ultra or the S22 Plus. The S22 Plus, alongside the standard Galaxy S22, is rumored to sport a triple camera setup comprised of a 50MP wide-angle prime lens, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP zoom camera – something pretty standard for the. flagship. The telephones. The S22 Ultra, on the other hand, will have a 108MP main camera bundled with a 12MP ultra-wide camera and two 10MP cameras to handle optical zoom.

While this certainly looks like a poster that Samsung would make, it’s important to treat this as a rumor until we have confirmation from the company. Let’s Go Digital has a good history of leaks and reports, but the phones in this poster may not be the phones that are finally revealed in a few months. We’ll find out very soon as Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the rest of the phones in the Galaxy S22 line in February.

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