Genshin Impact 2.4: Enkanomiya Leaks Explained

Genshin impact Version 2.4 leaks have already started circulating online, including details about the hidden Enkanomiya region. Shortly after the release of Genshin impact In version 2.3, data miners shared information about the features to be included in 2.4 on various social media platforms. The leaks are primarily focused on the specific characters, events, and a new region included in the next update. Although the leaks have yet to be officially confirmed, various aspects of Genshin impactPrevious and current versions can support these claims.

Genshin impact The leakers have been active online since the initial release, as some fans are curious about the characters and features available in the next update. Leaks may be between Genshin impact beta test participants who continue to extract information despite being prohibited from doing so. With the launch of Genshin impact 2.4 beta test, the leaks quickly spread online about what to expect in the next update.


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One of the leaks showed the addition of the Enkanomiya region in Genshin impactUpdate 2.4. Although it is rumored that Enkanomiya arrives from the Genshin impact 2.1, some fans were surprised to learn that Enkanomiya will be revealed ahead of The Chasm. However, Enkanomiya has been referenced numerous times in Inazuma’s world missions and items, implying that the area will eventually be explorable. The legend associated with Enkanomiya is intriguing and reveals much about the history of Watatsumi Island and Inazuma in Genshin impactSo it will be exciting to explore this region in the next update if the leaks are accurate.

Genshin Impact: What the Enkanomiya Region Leaks Have Revealed

Since the introduction of Watatsumi Island and the “Moon-Bathed Deep” world mission series, assumptions about the accessibility of the Enkanomiya region have been a topic of discussion for some. Genshin impact fans. The excitement surrounding Enkanomiya is reminiscent of the period before the Dragonspine region in Mondstadt was revealed and it was just a rumor. Currently, the data mining community has provided information confirming the inclusion of Enkanomiya in the Genshin impact 2.4 update. As a result, the expectation for Enkanomiya as a potential region explorable in the future continues to grow among fans of Genshin impact.

Twitter user Ubatcha, a well known Genshin impact Online dataminer account revealed that the Enkanomiya region would be home to a new world boss. Although there is no more information detailing the attributes of the new boss, the addition of a new opponent could mean new Ascension artifacts and materials unless the leak is confirmed in the future. Another data miner, Celestia Project, reported that Enkanomiya is divided into nine subareas and that Enkanomiya’s environment changes in appearance with each alternate time cycle, Evernight and Whitenight. Showing unusual surroundings might seem like the typical case for extended regions in each nation of Teyvat. This is particularly evident in Genshin impactDragonspine, an extended region of Mondstadt, where the mountainous region is uninhabitable due to the exceptionally cold climate of the area. Similarly, if Enkanomiya becomes an explorable place, the alternate time cycle could be incorporated as its unusual feature.

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Online leaks regarding Enkanomiya are subject to change as they appear to come from the beta test version of Genshin impact 2.4. Players may have to wait until January to access specific features in version 2.4. However, previous missions and certain components of Watatsumi Island can support these claims about the mysterious Enkanomiya region.

Genshin Impact: Are the Enkanomiya Leaks True?

In Genshin impact In version 2.1, players were welcomed to the Watatsumi Island region, the home of the Sangonomiya and Resistance soldiers. This area of ​​Inazuma in Genshin impact It is rich in incredible legends related to the ancient history of Teyvat. The “Moon-Bathed Deep” world quest series offers not only riddles, but also narratives about the origins of Watatsumi Island. The mission series consists of six missions in which an NPC named Tsuyuko teams up with the Traveler to break the seals of five Goshou rocks and obtain the Key to the Moonlit Depths to enter Enkanomiya.

The residents of Watatsumi Island were previously stranded in the depths of the sea known as Byakuya no Kuni, which is now known as Enkanomiya. The hidden region is located near the Sangonomiya Shrine. Byakuya no Kuni translates to “Land of the White Night, Midnight Sun” in Japanese. Although no comment on Enkanomiya’s alternate time cycle has been mentioned in the search and other sources, the translation can confirm the claims of the Genshin impact 2.4 leaks. According to the Coral Branch of Distant Sea Ascension material, Orobashi, the great serpent god with a fluorescent body covered in a myriad of colored coral, first appeared in the Nation of Eternal Night, referring to Byakuya no Kuni. A dragon, known as the heir of the deep, terrified the people of Byakuya no Kuni.

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The residents rely primarily on Orobashi’s meager light to avoid the clutches of the Heir Dragon of the Deep. This was further explained in the Jade Branch material description of a Far Sea Ascension, which says that the serpent god cut off all the coral branches from his body to provide light for children in the dark. Additionally, the coral branches from Orobashi were used to build a massive ladder for the children to reach the surface above Byakuya no Kuni and created Watatsumi Island in Genshin impact for which they inhabit. The Dragonheir of the Depth or the Abyssal Dragonheir is probably a nether monster, depending on its name. With leaks indicating that Genshin impact 2.4 will have a new boss as part of Enkanomiya, the new boss referred to could be the Dragonheir of the Depth.

While the Enkanomiya leaks may seem plausible in Genshin impact 2.4, some fans tend to be skeptical about the authenticity of the leaks. One reason is that some anticipated that The Chasm, an extended region of Liyue, would be revealed in 2.4, considering that the location has been included on the Teyvat map, albeit unexplored, since the first release. Additionally, the official announcement of Liyue’s characters, Shenhe and Yun Jin, implies that additional stories in 2.4 will revolve around Liyue, perhaps including The Chasm in Genshin impact. However, no official source is verifying this claim.

Genshin impact 2.4 is still way ahead, as update 2.3 is still in its early phase and it will take six weeks before it concludes. However, it is interesting to speculate and know what the following versions can contribute. Enkanomiya is just one of the regions to look forward to as more nations discover themselves in Genshin impact.

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