Genshin Impact 2.5 Leaks Yae Miko Banner Release Estimate Leaked

Yae Miko is one of the most anticipated future playable characters of Genshin impact, and his estimate of the banner release date was leaked and then officially revealed a few minutes later.

Yae Miko plays a major role in Archon Quest of Inazuma. While Kitsune Shrine Maiden is not playable yet, her 3D model is already included in the game, and players have already met Yae multiple times.

Furthermore, Yae Miko is also a familiar face to Honkai Impact 3rd fans, as it is based on Yae Sakura, a character from Honkai. They also have the same Japanese voice actress: Ayane Sakura, one of the best seiyuu in Japan.

All of this makes Yae Miko a very popular character, and she finally has a release date in Genshin impact now.

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Genshin impact | Trailer for version 2.4 “Fleeting colors in flight”



Genshin impact | Trailer for version 2.4 “Fleeting colors in flight”





Genshin impact Leaks: Yae Miko 2.5 Release Date Leaked

Yae Miko will be released with the release of Genshin impact Version 2.5 on February 16, 2022 or three weeks later with the second version banner, around March 9.

As Ubatcha explains on Twitter, a Genshin impact The Russian community leaker has shared Yae Miko’s “drip marketing” artwork, confirming that Ei’s friend will be released in version 2.5.

This artwork will be revealed by miHoYo in the next few days, probably on Monday, January 3rd. Note that Shenhe’s artwork had also been leaked a few hours before its official release. Personally, I suppose it is possible that someone from the Russian social team of Genshin impact Accidentally uploaded the artwork earlier.

This also means that non-whale players will have to choose between Shenhe, all reruns in 2.4, and Yae Miko. What are you guys planning to do? Tell us in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter. @ A_iyane07.

Genshin Impact 2.4 It will be released on January 5, 2022 on PS4, PS5, PC, iOS, and Android.

Yae Miko 2.5 Launch Officially Revealed (Update)

Shortly after the escape, the Genshin impact Social accounts officially revealed that Yae Miko will be coming in 2.5 via Drip Marketing.

Yae Miko new official story

Yae Miko ‧ Crafty fun
Guuji of the Narukami Grand Shrine

The head maiden of the Narukami Grand Shrine shrine and a descendant of the Kitsune lineage, Eternity’s servant and friend … and the intimidating editor-in-chief of Yae Publishing House, a light novel publisher.
There is no need to discover all its facets, as they all reflect Yae Miko. However, they do not reveal their true nature anyway.
Like shards of a mirror, each pose reflects a different version of her. Being cloaked in many identities, she has become a brilliant diamond surrounded by countless mirrors.
There are hundreds of facets: solemn or cheerful, understanding or distant.
No one knows the truth, just like no one can easily see a kitsune brushing past passersby in the mystical forest.
But if the kitsune watches humans, where will their fate lead?

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