George Downs – Want More Horsepower for Your Car? Soon You May Be Able to Download It.

Automakers are investing heavily in software to enable wireless updates to cars.

By Wall Street Journal

Do you need more horsepower? Do you want automated driving? Automakers like Dodge, Polestar, and Jeep are exploring wireless upgrades like these as a way to generate new revenue streams and retain brand loyalty. WSJ’s George Downs explores whether automakers excel at software development. Photo Illustration: George Downs

George Downs

George Downs explores the evolution of transportation, from electric vehicles to commercial aviation and the future of space flight.

Below in George Downs

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    The space is getting messier. Can it be cleaned?

    More than 36,500 pieces of space debris orbit Earth, and as we make more trips into space and launch more satellites, it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid them. WSJ’s George Downs reports on how governments and businesses are working to clean up space debris through new technology and regulations. Photo Illustration: George Downs

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    The return of commercial supersonic flights may face a sound barrier

    The Concorde used to be able to get it from New York to London in three hours, but it stopped flying in 2001. Now a group of scientists and engineers is trying to regain supersonic flight. It will work? WSJ’s George Downs takes a closer look.

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    Could autonomous trucks help solve the supply chain crisis?

    As autonomous vehicle companies Aurora and Embark make their stock market debuts this month, WSJ’s George Downs spoke with CEOs about why they are focusing on autonomous trucks and whether that could mean a solution to the driver shortage. of trucks in the U.S.


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